First Bronx Appraisal Management

Bronx Real Estate Appraisal Management

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The First and Most Experienced Appraisal Management Company serving the Bronx and surrounding counties.

Bronx Real Estate Appraisal Management


First Bronx delivers correct valuations the first time. We utilize our years of cultivated industry relationships to link your lending institution with local appraisers well versed in the areas your properties are located.

Bronx Real Estate Appraisal Management


First Bronx prides itself on timely delivery of your appraisals and our effective review process that utilizes 30+ years of appraisal industry experience. What this means is less time on your end spent revising and waiting for your orders.

Bronx Real Estate Appraisal Management


With 30+ years of experience in the Bronx and surrounding areas, very few in the AMC industry are able to provide such a competent panel and even fewer to provide the same level of appraisal review.

First Bronx Appraisal Management: A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The Most Experienced in the Business

What we have seen in the AMC industry is a lack of commitment to providing a panel of LOCAL appraisers for LOCAL inspections. First Bronx Appraisal Management was created to link only the best local appraisers with lending institutions. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the most accurate values the first time, meaning less valuable time spent by you and your employees spent chasing after revisions and errors. First Bronx is only able to do this by utilizing our 30 + years of industry experience and relationships. We hope to become your First choice in the Bronx and surrounding counties.

  • Bilingual
  • Full E&O Coverage
  • Full Appraisal Review Before Submission
  • A Premier ValuTrac AMC

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